Deb G's Genuine You offers highly personalized service and professional consultation regarding natural approaches to common health and lifestyle dilemmas. From free consultations to Grocery Store Tours, from Meditation Stones to 6-month transformational packages, all programs, goods and services are designed to impart holistic knowledge and healing for your highest benefit. It truly is possible to take control of and up-level your life during these challenging times, and it is Deb's mission to help you do just that.

The concept of clean living is important on many levels in the world we live today. Healthy lifestyles are just as important for the planet and for regional communities as they are for us as individuals. Deb's Grocery Store Tours and Pantry Purges are two really fun and motivating ways to transition into making healthier choices as 'woke' consumers and savvy shoppers. Learn how to read food labels (and know what's in food that has no label), how and why you want to choose the least processed foods, how to save money on organic purchases, how to make healthy subsititutes for food cravings and so much more. We meet at your local market for the Grocery Store Tour and right at your home for the Pantry Purge. Try it out and then give gift certificates for your loved ones who need this information!   

Holistic health and energetic wellness Coaching Packages are individualized based upon your unique needs, desires, goals and perceived limitations. They guide you to make step-by-step, sustainable changes that you build on as you go. Learn how to prevent disease using foods, movement and mindfulness practices. Discover how to reduce inflammation and support a healthy immune system. Clear energetic blocks so you can create new routines that help you sleep better, think clearly, feel great and look your best!  Coaching packages are typically designed in 6 month blocks, at the end of which time you will have acquired the tools you need to maintain your newly optimized level of health and vitality on your own!  

Are you ready to reap the benefits of unlearning myths you have been told about how to lose weight and attain health, happiness and success? Imagine your joy when you fully realize that you don't have to suffer deprivation or take a bunch of questionable pills in order to see real results. You have what it takes right now to live the best expression of your true self. The first step is recognizing that you are worth the investment.   

6 month Coaching Programs: $150/month

  • Two 50-minute Personal Sessions per month: Included
  • Email support between visits: Included
  • Printed materials/Handouts/Recipes: Included
  • Giveaways/Free gifts: Included
  • Special Guest savings on events & workshops

Individual Wellness Services:

  • Grocery Store Tours ~ How to shop for optimal health: $35 
  • Pantry Purges ~ Plunge into chemical-free living: $50
  • 30 / 45-minute Personal Consultation: $45 / $65
  • Nutrition Demos & Wellness Classes: Per event
  • Chakra clearing & Angel card reading: $15                                   
  • Meditation Stones/Zen Garden Rocks as marked at Soulful Beginnings

Watch for Special Offers

Are you ready to let your happiest, healthiest, truest self shine?  

Let's have a conversation! All initial consultations are free. Come and talk about options that resonate and leave with at least one personalized health insight. Get a sneak peak at how exciting your program can be based on exactly where you are standing today and where you'd like to be. The free session gives you the opportunity to discern whether or not this approach is a good match for you - no strings!